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A Bitter Currency

After sea levels rose to swallow the shorelines and shift the borders, the powerful Middle Union has claimed much of the eastern hemisphere, controlling its resources and forcing assimilation of the once independent nations. Tama Kai and her family are water farmers on Island 4-5-2. Along with their meager payment, they’ve relied on what little help Tama’s brother can send from the Union’s capital city, New North. But her brother’s mysterious and sudden execution spells certain starvation for them.


Tama must travel to New North to support her family. There, she faces suffocating surveillance, a plummeting social score that controls her every move, and thirst like she’s never known. Driven by desperation, she finds her way into a smuggling ring, dealing in the world’s most valuable commodity – water. In time, she learns that her recruitment was orchestrated and she now walks a fine line between avoiding the Union’s notice and maintaining her usefulness to the smugglers, just as her brother had. She knows with her family depending on her support, it is not only her life at stake.

This is novel is completed at 110,000 words. Chelsea is actively seeking representation.

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